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* Immunizations are medicines children get when they are very young. They protect children from getting many serious diseases
* Immunizations are administered by Iowa Department of Public Health protocol.


* Many years ago, children often got sick with serious diseases. Many died or were left with permanent damage
* Today, your baby has a good chance of staying healthy if you immunize on time every time

* Immunizations work best when babies are very young, before they are exposed to the germs that cause diseases
* Your child will visit the doctor or clinic every 4-8 weeks until all immunizations are finished

CHICKASAW COUNTY PUBLIC HEALTH Requires that before children receive their immunizations at our clinic, they visit their doctor for a well check first with the parent bringing in the permission slip for the shots to be given.

CHICKASAW COUNTY PUBLIC HEALTH immunization clinic is a Vaccines for Children (VFC) provider. Immunizations are free for children 18 and under who qualify for this state-funded vaccine program. 

Clinic Hours
1st Thursday of every month 8:30 to 12:00 PM & 3rd Thursday of every month 12:00 to 4:00 PM
Clinic dates may change depending if holiday falls on that Thursday of clinic scheduled

To make appointments call our office at (641) 394-4053 or Toll Free @ 1-800-579-5815

ADULT IMMUNIZATIONS are also offered for people over the age 18. Please notify our office if interested and ask what vaccines are available and the cost.


Chickasaw County Public Health Nursing Services • New Hampton, IA • (641) 394-4053