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 Breast Feeding Education

CHICKASAW COUNTY PUBLIC HEALTH is committed to assist you in your breastfeeding efforts. As a service to you, you may call our office at (641) 394-4053 or Toll Free @ 1-800-579-5815 for more info or set up a time for the Nurse to visit you in your home free of charge.

A LACTATION EDUCATOR is a person who specializes in breastfeeding. This person can help you with any questions or problems you may have about breastfeeding.

* Breast milk contains all the nutrients that baby needs.
* Formula is an imitation of breast milk. It is only as good as our present knowledge.
* Breastfed infants are less likely to be overfed since the infant decides when to stop breastfeeding.
* Breastfeeding creates a special bond between mom and baby.

* Helps the mother’s uterus contract and thus, helps a women return to her pre-pregnant figure.
* May promote weight loss of the mother.
* Costs less. No bottles or formula to buy.
* Is convenient. Breast milk is always there at the right temperature and clean. There are no bottles to heat and no formula to prepare.
* Creates a special bond between mom and infant.

1. Breastfeeding may help you to return to your pre-pregnancy weight-------TRUE
2. Most women can breastfeed their babies--------------------------------------TRUE
3. Breastfeeding is cheaper--------------------------------------------------------TRUE
4. Most women can make enough breast milk-----------------------------------TRUE
5. Breast milk is better for your baby---------------------------------------------TRUE
6. Many women cannot make good milk because they eat poorly-------------FALSE
7. Breastfeeding ties you down---------------------------------------------------FALSE
8. Bottle feeding is easier---------------------------------------------------------FALSE
9. Breastfed babies usually need formula too-----------------------------------FALSE
10. Breastfeeding is hard to learn------------------------------------------------FALSE
11. Breastfeeding makes your breast sag---------------------------------------FALSE
12. You cannot return to work or school if you breastfeed---------------------FALSE
Fathers, Family or Friends cannot help with a breastfed infant----------------FALSE


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