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 Tobacco Coalition









Vision Statement

Every community member is engaged in healthy living.


Mission Statement

Create awareness of the impact of substance abuse and encourage change through collaborative prevention efforts.

  • Chickasaw County TC is a collaborative effort to provide support and leadership to numerous community sectors, including schools, churches, businesses, government, parents, and other.
  • Alcohol abuse among adults and youth in Chickasaw County results in risky behavior, lost productivity, poor school performance, and heavily burdens our legal system.
  • We are uniting individuals who share common concerns.
  • TC is a component of a larger tri-county effort that promotes and sustains efforts to improve safety and stability for children.
  • Chickasaw County TC is creating an environment where every community member is engaged in health living.

  • When asked if there are enough good places for kids to go that are alcohol and drug free, 1 in 4 Chickasaw County students say there are not.
  • 1 in 8 students surveyed say there is a person with a serious alcohol or drug problem living in their home.
  • 77% of 11th graders is Chickasaw County report that it would be "easy or very easy" to get alcohol in their community.
  • 46% of 11th graders and 5% of 8th graders report having 5 or more drinks in a row in a coupole of hours within the last 30 days.
  • One in four 11th graders report they have driven a motor vehicle after using alcohol or other drugs.
  • 27% of Chickasaw County 8th graders say they started drinking alcohol by age 14.
  • One in twelve Chickasaw County 8th graders say they started smoking by age 14.
  • 31% of 11th graders report there is slight or no risk to drinking 3 or more drinks of alcohol per day nearly every day and 9 % of 11th graders say there is slight or no risk to smoking cigarettes every day.

 Come and join our coaltion, and bring a friend!!  The coalition meetings are held every 2nd Thurday of each month at 11:00 am at the Chickasaw County community Services Building in New Hampton, Iowa.

Chickasaw County Public Health Nursing Services • New Hampton, IA • (641) 394-4053